IPO Consultancy and Advisory Services

Going public is a demanding process and is subject to the scrutiny of the regulatory body where the listing is sought. A successful IPO listing requires a clear strategy, prudent assessment and thorough planning.

Our IPO advisory business mainly involves advising corporations on the listing of their shares on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK").

Our mission is to maximise the probability of success for a listing aspirant by putting in the proper foundations before the actual IPO effort kicks off. We act as the "advance party" to help listing aspirants. We provide an awareness of the relevant rules and code of conduct expected of the management of a listed company.

We try to inculcate best practices into the culture and mindset of these companies as they ascend from a privately run business to a public listed company. Such education will smoothen the interaction between the promoters and the IPO professional team and is intended to improve the probability of success for the IPO effort later on.

Given the generic nature of our service, our clients are not limited to SEHK Main Board/ GEM listing aspirants and also includes those bound for other exchanges throughout the world.
The scope of our IPO advisory services includes:
  • Advising clients on the regulations and requirements of the SEHK
  • Advisingclients on the appointment of other professionals involved in the IPO performing due diligence together with the relevant professionals on the business and financial affairs of the clients
  • Advising clients on drafting of the IPO prospectus
  • Advising clients on their capital structure, invitation structure, marketing theme, timing of the IPO and appropriate pricing levels etc, with a view to maximising investor acceptance and shareholder value
  • Management of the IPO including co-ordination of other professionals involved in the IPO process
  • Co-ordinating publicity activities in relation to the listing
  • Assisting clients in liaising with SEHK or other relevant regulatory authorities involved in the IPO
  • Advise on listing of shares on other Stock Exchanges