Working Visa and Immigration Services

According to the Hong Kong Immigration Ordinance, any person other than those having the right of residence or right to land in Hong Kong, must get a visa before coming to Hong Kong for the purpose of employment, investment, residence or training. At Teton, we provide complete packages for different types of Visa Application with success driven service charges.
Service Include:
Employment Visa:

Employment Visa is applied for foreign people to work in a Hong Kong registered company. The applicants should already have an offered position in Hong Kong in which the position could not be replaced by the local labour market.

The position is much better in managerial or supervisory level. The applicants should have sound educational and relevant working background.

On the other hand, the background of the employing company is also very important. The company should be a well-established and stable corporation. Financial standing of the company sponsor is required.

Investment Visa:

For those who are the owner of a business and would like to station in Hong Kong to manage the business may apply for the Investment Visa.

The basic requirement is the applicants should have their business registration in Hong Kong and have a solid business plan for their business. The business should have sustainable contribution to the Hong Kong economy.

Therefore, proven existing contract and business activity in Hong Kong could be a good support. Meanwhile, the reason why the applicant is necessary to station in Hong Kong could not be neglected.

Dependant Visa:

Hong Kong residents are able to bring along their dependent family members to Hong Kong:

  1. For a sponsor who is a Hong Kong permanent resident or a resident who is not subject to a limit of stay, he / she could bring along his / her spouse, unmarried dependent child under the age of 18 and his / her parent aged 60 or above for residence in Hong Kong.
  2. For a sponsor who has been admitted into Hong Kong to take up employment or study, or who is permitted to remain in Hong Kong as a capital investment entrant, he / she could bring along his / her spouse, and unmarried dependent child under the age of 18 for residence in Hong Kong.
Training Visa:

Training Visa is for those trainees to be trained in a Hong Kong reputable company, which is capable to provide the proposed training. Those trainings should be proven as programmes of providing special skills and knowledge that are not available in the applicant's home country. Maximum period of a Training Visa is 12 months. Meanwhile, the company sponsor should provide the training contract, proposed duration and content of the training programme which can be justified.

The company sponsor should also guarantee in writing the maintenance and repatriation of the trainee and that the trainee will receive training in the sponsor's premises until the end of the agreed period, after which the trainee will return to his / her place of residence.